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Content Content & Images Technical Creative
$45 per hr $65 per hr $80 per hr $80 per hr
Hourly rates pricing applies to normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, EST. The minimum hourly billing increment is :15 minutes.
Text Update and Swap (ready-to-go text replacement only) Image or image & text (text replacement and minor photo editing placement) coming soon Creative thinking, decisions, creating, layout and design.
Response Time vs. Hourly Billing Ratio
Response Level Maximum Response Time Standard Hours Hourly Billing Ratio
Standard Within 14 Days Standard Hours 1:1
(1 hr deducted per hr used)
Soon Within 7 Days Standard Hours 1.3:1
(1.3 hrs deducted per hr used)
Urgent Within 8 Business Hours 24/7 1.5:1
(1.5 hrs deducted per hr used)
Emergency Within 24 Hours 24/7 2:1
(2 hrs deducted per hr used)

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