Hi, I’m LboT. Checkout our Terms & Conditions below.


The most important thing you can do after deciding you want to be our client, is to gather your logins and admins for your: domains, hosting, WordPress website and your Google Analytics if you have it.

We'll need to evaluate it to see if there are additional steps necessary to get your site better up-to-date before we can start our services.

We require the first two months as a non-refundable deposit because a lot of time is spent upfront in assessment and setting things up. Your normal billing would start at the beginning of month #3.

After your first 3 payments are paid in full you may cancel at anytime. If you have paid on the annual plan, you may also cancel and receive a refund on the difference less 3 months.

If you choose the annual plan, you will pay for 11 months instead of 12.

You may start AddlServices at any time but must pay at least 3 payments and give a 30 day advance notice before we stop billing.

In addition to the terms for AUPU in AddlServices, you cannot submit more than 10 separate content changes per hyperlink in a 5 day period. (For example, for a 5 page website, you potentially could submit up to 50 separate requests in one business week!).