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Hi, I’m LboT. Allow my team and I to get you ready for 2019, with:

  • Website Support
  • Hosting (super fast!)
  • Updates
  • ADA Compliance
  • Google Setups and more!

LBOT Makes Your Website Safer And Faster...

Doesn't it seem like your smartphone is always updating something? Nowadays, the technology behind your website needs constant updates too.
Without regular maintenance and updates, your site is prone to hacking, slowness, downtime, and lost data.

Which Means Google (and people) Will Like You More!

Google wants the best experience for its users. If your site is slow or corrupted, visitors won't stay long. That means your search ranking will go down.
You may have cool content, but ignoring the technical back-end can sabotage your clever marketing efforts.

LBOT's Three-Phase Website Care Plan

Phase 1 : Setup

To manage your site, we use several tools. We can either set them up or obtain admin access from you.

Your WordPress Dashboard

This is the control panel for your WordPress website. From here we manage content, security, functionality and styling through plugins, themes, and coding.

Google Search Console

This free collection of tools allows us to monitor your site's appearance in Google. We can see how your content shows up in search results and resolve technical errors.

Google Analytics

This free Google service collects and analyzes your website traffic. We can monitor useful metrics and alert you to trends impacting traffic and performance.

Your Hosting Dashboard

Your domain and hosting access allows us to check the quality and features of your hosting plan. We can make sure it's up-to-date with today's online needs.

Phase 2 : Audit and Fix

My LBOT Team will perform a comprehensive audit and carry out the initial fixes so your site is safer and faster.

Site Errors

We'll identify where Google isn't indexing your pages correctly and find broken links or discrepancies. We'll then submit the updated technical data to Google so your site appears in search results the way it should.

Site Security

We'll run security scans to identify malware or signs of hacking. After cleaning, we'll install various security plugins to strengthen your website's defenses going forward.

Site Optimization

We'll make sure your site has the latest version of WordPress and keep your theme and plugins regularly updated. Next, we'll look at your images and video to optimize their size for faster page load. Last, we'll optimize any coding that could slow your site.

Hosting Optimization

We'll review your hosting situation and engage any beneficial settings. If your site is optimized but still slow, we can advise you on purchasing better hosting.

Phase 3 : Maintain and Monitor

We’ll do scheduled checks to keep your website safer and faster — with a report so you know what’s up.

24/7 Monitoring

In the rare case your site goes down, the LBOT Team will get to work to get it resolved. We'll try to mitigate the circumstances so your visitors aren't left in a lurch.

Monthly Maintenance & Security Check

We'll correct any technical errors, check for optimization opportunities, carry out various site updates, and run security scans to keep your website running smoothly.

Monthly Back-ups

We'll make sure your website is backed up monthly. If you add content on a regular basis, we have plans that can backup more frequently.

Monthly Report

We'll provide helpful reports of your website's health and performance over the previous 30 days. Including high-level metrics on page views and visitors, page speed, your current site and plugin versions - and expert recommendations.

Check out our Additional Services

State-of-the-art hosting

Page Updates

Google My Business care

Advanced SEO optimization

HTTPS / SSL Certificate

Company emails

Advanced reports

Daily backups

Accessibility compliance


Ask for a quote!

Almost Unlimited Page Updates

Send your page updates through our easy-to-use ticketing system and we'll post within ten business days. Here's what's included:



  • Text additions or edits
  • Photo additions or replacements
  • Page deletions
  • Internal link updates

Small Site = $30/month 

Medium Site = $50/month

Complex Site = (contact us for quote)


Please note that this does not include photo editing and optimization, blog posts or the creation of a new page. 

Google My Business

Google My Business lets you manage how your business appears on Google Search and Maps.


You can also monitor and reply to customer reviews and learn where and how people are searching for you.


Our service includes the set-up and verification of your address with Google. We'll assist you in monitoring your reviews and customer-added photos, make updates to your listing, and include any insights from Google My Business in your monthly report.


$30/month per business location

Services Requiring A Quote

LBOT also offers services which require a custom quote, including:


  • State-of-the-art hosting
  • Advanced SEO optimization
  • HTTPS / SSL Certificate
  • Company emails
  • Advanced reports
  • Daily backups
  • Accessibility compliance

Which plan fits you?

Small Website*

(less than 8 pages)
$ 129
99 Per Month

Medium Website*

(9-20 pages)
$ 199
99 Per Month

Complex Website*

(over 20 pages or unique sites)
Contact Us For A Quote

OK. Now just fill this out and we'll get back to you soon!

A few things to know

  • Gather your logins. The most important thing you can do after deciding you want to be our client, is to gather your logins and admins for your: domains, hosting, WordPress website and your Google Analytics if you have it.
  • WordPress website built prior to 2016?  We'll need to evaluate it to see if there are additional steps necessary to get your site better up-to-date before we can start our services.
  • Paying monthly or quarterly? We require the first two months as a non-refundable deposit because a lot of time is spent upfront in assessment and setting things up. Your normal billing would start at the beginning of month #3.

Being a Little Bit of Tech client has perks! You’ll be among the first to learn of new services and you’ll also get special rates on custom development and services. Contact us for more info. 

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With LBOT, you get constant reassurance that your website is taken care of so you can focus on growing your business and managing relationships.



With LBOT, you get constant reassurance that your website is taken care of so you can focus on growing your business and managing relationships.