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Daily Solutions

We provide everyday “nuts and bolts” website support and hosting solutions to make your business run better.

Especially nowadays, all websites need regular maintenance, updates, tweaks and optimized hosting. Our expert team has the skills to assess and bring solutions to keep your site fast, efficient and reduce security risks.


State-of-the-art hosting with CDN, backups, and 24/7 monitoring minimizes vulnerabilities and risk.

Monthly costs from $8 to $99


Frequent updates from CMS, theme and plugins means few issues and better speed which is good for Google!

Monthly costs from $22 to $75

Database Cleaning

Most sites are built on a on a DB (Database) and over time they keep junk files and inodes. Keep yours optimized for better performance.

Tech Tickets

Need to update a page, change an image or tweak some random tech issue? Ask about our affordable ticket plans.

Custom Tech

We've helped all kinds of businesses with various tech issues including hosting transfers, email migrations, CRMs, project management, and other needs.

Crucial Updates
More frequent updates means fewer issues, better security, better speed = more business!

  1. CMS: WordPress Updates
  2. PHP: Database Updates
  3. Themes: Theme Updates
  4. Plugins: Plugin Updates


Renewal Attention
So you know what digital assets you have and when they’re due.

  1. Technical Contact: We ensure the correct person is getting notifications.
  2. Domain: We keep track of your renewal dates.
  3. Hosting: We keep track of your hosting adequacy and renewal dates.


Assess / Report
We check the overall health of your site and give you a summary report and recommendations.

  1. Site Speed / Performance: We test with two site speed test sites.
  2. Google Analytics: Checkout your traffic and really know what’s going on.
  3. Accessibility: Is your site in compliance with accessibility laws?
  4. Security: We do a scan for risk assessment and and “holes.”
  5. Google MyBusiness: We look at your GMB page.
  6. SEO (basic): We look at your meta title, description, page SEO.


Keep things running smoothly and fast.

  1. Optimizing Setup: Lazy Load, code minification,
  2. Database: We optimize old db files to keep the storage low and speed as fast as possible.
  3. Images: We compress and optimize your images to keep pages loading fast.


Security / Monitoring

  1. 24/7 Monitoring: We put your site on our dashboard so we can get up to the minute notifications if anything is wrong.


Preferred Client
Savings and peace of mind for nuisance technical issues.

  1. Preferred Rates: You get multiple types and discounted rates which are 10-40% off our normal rates.
  2. Issue Tracking Dashboard: We’ll make you a custom form and dashboard where you can view the status of and communicate on each issue.
  3. Pro-active Recommendation: As we notice potential issues, problems or opportunities, we’ll let you know.
  1. Website Support is for a minimum 90-day term.
  2. You may pay monthly, quarterly – or pay annually and get a 5% discount.
  3. We make no warranty for security or backups being risk-free. But better security and frequent backups lower risk.
  4. We aren’t liable for any issues related to third-party services used on your behalf (hosting, plugins, etc.)
  5. Assess/Reports are delivered only at your request within the time range
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